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As adventure racing and OCR continue to grow in popularity and inch closer to becoming Olympic sports, these athletes are the pioneers in making that happen in India.

They have competed and thrived in the national and international stages of adventure sports such as Stand up Paddle, Obstacle Course Racing and Mixed Martial Arts.



As doctors advised him against running the finals, the warrior inside him had other plans. Mr. Never give up, Ashwin nearly managed to pull off the greatest come-from-behind victory of recent times, but nonetheless his truly “UNTAMED” attitude left every witness inspired. A sincere messenger of the warrior way, a sincere warrior at heart, Ashwin Ramdas.

Rajasekar Pachai

You ain’t never seen a warrior like Kutti and you better believe it. Born into the fishing village of Kovalam, Kutti is among the best surfers this side of India when he isn’t busy winning Wild Warrior Races. Strong and focused yet humble and gentle, Shekhar embodies the spirit of a Wild Warrior and is truly the definition of being “UNTAMED.”


Don’t let this brown eyed warrior fool you for a damsel in distress. A damsel alright, but Mallika, a former track athlete is far from distressed. Her athletic prowess mixed with her graceful movements always make her “the warrior to watch” at every race.


The silent assassin. This unassumingly quiet Warrior is the rising star in obstacle course racing in Asia. The current champion of the Devil’s circuit series, and an avid MMA fighter, Sanjana has proved that her new and improved “UNTAMED” mentality is ready to take her to the top.

Sanjay Negi

Arguably one of the fittest men in Asia, Sanjay won back to back Wild Warrior Races in Bangalore and Coimbatore in stunning fashion. A fast runner and agile obstacle tackler, Sanjay has the perfect mix of qualities required to be a top OCR Athlete. Watch out for his signature finish line celebration!