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Wild Warrior Events

Obstacle Run Categories

The Wild Warrior OCR series consists of different events which are categorized by the Course length and difficulty.

Wild Warrior Run
  • Course length: 1-3 km
  • No. of Obstacles: 18+

This is the shortest Wild Warrior Race. A tricky course with crazy obstacles that’ll fire up your warrior instincts.

Wild Warrior Run
  • Course length: 4-7 km
  • No. of Obstacles: 21+

Battles are won over time, and ours are won over a challenging course with 20-25 obstacles.

Wild Warrior Run
  • Course length: 1 km
  • No. of Obstacles: 10+

Every kid’s wildest dream. Our kid-friendly obstacle course will thrill every wild little warrior out there!


Wild Warrior features special events on an invite-only basis for the most elite athletes in the country!

Wild Warrior Run


Relay style 3-4 member mixed gender teams. Qualification+Knockout
6-8 Obstacles.

Wild Warrior Run


Head to Head action! Qualification followed by 1 on 1 Knockout rounds!
8-10 Obstacles .

Destination specials

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the beaches in Kovalam, our destination special events are for every athlete who is an adventurer at heart.

  • Triathlons
  • Duathlons
  • Trail Runs