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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Warrior?

Created with the vision of building and bringing together a fitness community, “Wild Warrior” is an adventure-racing brand that brings you the wildest races from obstacle courses, destination triathlons, duathlons and trail runs.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone and everyone who is into sports, fitness or adventure will love the experience at our wild warrior events. Our participants range from young little warriors aged 6+ to senior citizens who continue to inspire us with their lifestyles.
  • Wild Warrior is tailor-made for the current fitness and lifestyle trending market across India.
  • Everyone loves adventure, obstacles need to be overcome and competition is in our DNA.

What is "Little Warriors"?

Every kid’s wildest dream! Our kid-friendly 1km obstacle course fun run will challenge and thrill every wild little warrior out there. Parents are encouraged to cheer on their warriors throughout the race.

All Little Warriors must be accompanied by a parent, or a legal guardian with a signed consent form. Parents/guardians are requested to carry their formal ID cards.

What are the different Categories?

All our events will have different categories. Something special for every kind of warrior out there.


Want to test yourself against the best? This category has the fittest, strongest and wildest men and women competing for the top honors of the Wild Warrior Tribe. Every race will have a “contender” category which is perfect for the hard core athletes who will compete for prizes, trophies, and more !

Want to become a Wild Warrior Gladiator? “Gladiator” Status in our tribe is something to be earned. By finishing top 10 as a contender in one of our races, you earn the right to be a Wild Warrior Gladiator, which also gives you precious ranking points to earn the top spot at the end of the season!


Being a part of the “Tribe” category will allow you to fully experience your run in your own warrior way. Sign up as a lone warrior, with friends or create groups to experience the fun together! Either way, once you’re a part of our Tribe, the wildness is guaranteed!

What's included in the participation fee?

  • Tribe:
    • Participant T-shirt
    • Finishers’ medal
    • OCR Training
    • Complimentary drink
    • Action photograph**
    • Goodwill for supporting Life is a Ball
  • Contenders also receive:
    • Race insurance
    • Race timing chip and certificate
    • Prizes for top 3 finish
    • Prize money for top 3 finish

**Our team will do our very best to get a picture of you in action. No Promises!

What are the different types of Wild Warrior Races?

This season, Wild Warrior will feature two different types of races:


Distance: 1-4 km | Obstacles: 12-15

Get yourself ready for a tricky 1-4 km course with 12-15 crazy obstacles that’ll get your warrior instincts fired up from right from the start. It may be our shortest race, but it’ll always be the most surprising so be ready to use all of your wild warrior instincts like you’ve never done before!


Distance: 4-7 km | Obstacles 20-24

Battles are won over time, and ours are won over a 4-7 km course with 20-24 Wild obstacles. Challenging every warrior attribute, the Wild Warrior Battle will truly be a test, even for the wildest ones out there.

What sort of obstacles will I face in a Wild Warrior Race?

  • Every obstacle in our race will have different challenges. While most of our obstacles will be do-able for almost anyone who is focused and determined, all of our obstacles will be an opportunity to test your warrior mentality.
  • Our obstacles will vary and have components of rough terrains, climbing, jumping, crawling, sand, mud, water and anything else that could be wild and fun.

How can I learn the rules and regulations of the race?

  • For the “CONTENDER” category, we will have a briefing* the day before your race. At the briefing we will reveal the course map, explain the rules of the race and this will also be an opportunity for the contenders to meet one another.**
  • For the “TRIBE” category, the briefing* will be done on race day right before your race.

*The rules will be explained in detail at the briefing ONLY. Please don’t expect a thorough rundown of the rules on race day. If you want to know the rules and not get penalized/disqualified it’s your responsibility to show up at the briefing.

**Contenders will have the option of collecting their bibs at the race briefing before the race or at the venue on race day.

How do I register for a race?

  • Click on “Races”
  • Select “Find Your Race”
  • Pick the race you’d like to register for and click “Register Now”
    • Alternatively, select “More Details”
    • Pick your category and click on “Register Now”
  • You will be directed to our ticketing website.

Can I register with my friends as a group?

Yes, of course. The more the merrier! Please send us a mail at registrations@wildwarriorrace.com if you want to register as a group.

How do I create a team?

If you have a team with 10 or more members, please contact us at registrations@wildwarriorrace.com to confirm your entries.

Can my registrations be transferred or cancelled?

In the unlikely case you can’t attend the race you registered for but would like to use your entry for another race, please click HERE and make your request or send us a mail at ‘registrations@wildwarriorrace.com‘.

Cancellations will not be refunded.

When and where do I collect my bib and goody bag?

Our Bib distribution will happen on the day of the event. You are encouraged to be at the venue 90 minutes before your start time to finish all the pre race formalities.

Contenders will have the option of collecting their bibs at the race briefing before the race or at the venue on race day.

What do I need to bring to the bib distribution area?

You will need any Govt. Approved photo ID as well as a copy of your ticket.

Is parking available at the venue?

Parking will be available on a “first come-first served” basis only.

Will drinking water be available?

Yes. Drinking water will be available to ensure you stay hydrated! You can also buy bottled water at the venue.

Where can I find my race time?

During registration, you will be asked to choose a category based on availability or your personal preference.

You will receive an email confirmation with all the info you need including your race time once you have successfully registered.

What time should I reach the venue?

You are encouraged to reach the venue at least 90 minutes before your race to ensure you finish all the registration formalities and anything else you may need for preparation before your race.

What should I wear to a Wild Warrior Race?

Technically we don’t have a dress code but OCR’s can get your clothes dirty. Our general advice is to wear something you’re comfortable working out in that’s not too loose.

Also, be prepared for your shoes to get dirty, slippery and even muddy.

A towel and change of clothes for after your race will be extremely helpful, and if not, our Wild Warrior Merchandise store will have something for you.

What should I bring to the venue?

  • Change of clothes
  • Your wallet (no ATMs at venue)
  • A Good Attitude (devilish behaviour will not be tolerated at the venue)

Are spectators allowed at the venue?

Absolutely! Bring all your family, friends and fans to cheer you on and watch the warriors in action!

Are spectators allowed on the Course?

Only participants and event staff are allowed on the course. However, most parts of the course will be spectator friendly where friends, family and supporters can watch, cheer you on, and take pictures and videos.

Will I be able to wash off the mud?

We will provide a designated area for all participants to shower, rinse off and change.

How do I access my event photograph?

Within a week of an event, photographs will be available on our website website, as well as on our facebook page. Follow us on social media to get regular updates!

How do I get my timing certificate?

Timing chips and certificates will only be provided for those in the “Contender” category. Others in the Tribe will be able to use the large display clocks at the start and finish areas to have an accurate estimation of their timing.

You will receive your certificate via your registered email address after the race is complete.

I searched for my photos but couldn't find any. What do I do now?

No guarantees for individual pictures. However, we can guarantee we will do our best to catch all our tribe in action as our media team will be hard at work across the entire course!

Your family and friends are also allowed and encouraged to take pictures and videos of you in Warrior mode.